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Vince Beiser - The Sand Mafia

This is an incredible story about the very ingredient that makes possible our modern cities.

We are here to talk about SAND!

And here to talk with me about Sand is award-winning journalist and author of the book The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization, Vince Beiser.

It has revolutionised civilization and is the basis on which our future will be built.

From Egypt’s pyramids to the Hubble telescope, from the world’s tallest skyscraper to the footpath below it, from the Stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral to your iPhone.

It is the third most consumed substance on earth, only behind air and water.

It shelters us, empowers us, engages and inspires us. It’s the ingredient that makes possible our lives.

Sand is a Super-Substance which provides endless examples of continually being the basis of our productivity gains.

Throughout history Sand has interacted with our five drivers of Property prices:




Government Granted Licenses


And this is what we will talk about today - how sand has impacted our lives:

Without sand, there is NO modern civilisation!

Our entire modern civilisation and complete economic development is based upon concrete, glass and silica - and that requires sand.

Here is a link to Vince's book:

To get in contact with Vince you can use any of the following links:






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