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John Bush - The Brickworks Project

In this weeks episode of PAFO we are joined by John Bush, Director of CDL Australia who are undertaking the Brickworks Park development in Brisbane.

The Brickworks Park development is a great opportunity for us to see some of our 5 Drivers in action:

When John purchased the Brickworks it wasn't zoned residential, so the permitting process by local government shows the importance of government granted licences.

The Brickworks site is surrounded by amenities and infrastructure that have capitalised back into its land value. While the vision of the project is to create a community where residents can live in low maintenance housing while having access to all the amenities that they would living in a house on a large block.

For more than 25 years, John Bush has managed some of Australia’s most successful residential property developments, ranging from boutique townhome projects to large apartment towers. John has a deep understanding of the modern Queensland lifestyle and what astute property buyers are looking for in a new home.

Brickworks Park is an ideal fit with John’s passion for creating high quality communities in unique and sought-after urban locations and John's broad knowledge of the property industry makes him the ideal fit to talk to us on PAFO.

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Property, Australia's Favourite Obsession
We can't get away from it - everybody has a connection to property, as a tenant, a homeowner or as a landlord; hence our obsession with it! And thats what the Podcast is about, the role of Real-Estate in our lives.

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Having worked as an investment professional since the early 1990’s the GFC prompted me to ask the question “What causes the share market to crash at regular intervals”.

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